To contact Terah about interviews, contest donations,  or promotional items, please email

To reach me via SNAIL MAIL:

Terah Edun
P.O. Box 1343
Lithonia, GA 30058

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I just finished all the Courtlight series up to this point and wow! Blown away, these are wonderful books that anyone can enjoy! As a stay at home mom an escape is often fundamental for my sanity and you’ve created the perfect world for that. Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work, as well as to respond to a comment on here that I read in which a fan was upset over a release date, really??! I’m irritated on your behalf, the speed in which you are getting these novels out is nothing short of amazing and anyone who can’t understand that needs to stop and think about how well these books are written and acknowledge that, if they don’t want the books to lose any of their depth and strong characters maybe they should cut you some slack and be happy with what they get!

  2. i had a preordered “sworn to ascension” and received an email today that the order was cancelled by the publisher. does anyone know why this occurred?

    1. Same happened to me and I’m trying to find out why as well. Is it still being released? Or just not released through Amazon? I saw Barnes and Noble still has a preorder option.

      1. I inquired with Amazon when I saw that my order had been cancelled and they said that it had been removed by the publisher. I was very disappointed. I sent an email to Ms. Edun regarding whether it would be released digitally to Amazon as it is advertised on her site as it is available. I ordered this book through the amazon site after reading the other 5 books and was very excited that I didn’t have to wait long for the next installment. :/

  3. love all your books so far but waiting to see where i can get Blades of illusion. please let me know, it look like Amazon does not have it right now. please let me know. I am also waiting for the next Courtlight series, they are amazing books all of them but I am reading them faster than I can get them. please let me know what the hold up is with Amazon. thank you keep writing, please!!!!


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