Crown Service Series

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Blades of Magic (March 31, 2014) –  In this 1st Book, Sara Fairchild is the best duelist in all of Sandrin. Lauded for her skills in the fighting arena, she is ready to join the city guardsmen. But the shame of her father’s military desertion eats at her every day. One night changes all that. When Sara finds out her father might not have been a coward, but rather a hero, she is determined to prove it true. She joins the empress’s army. Mages don’t stand a chance against her. But true love might.

Blades of Illusion (October 18, 2014) – In this 2nd Book, Sara Fairchild has joined the Mercenarys’ Guild on the front lines of war. With Ezekiel Crane by her side, she is out to find the truth of her father’s last days and why he was executed. If that brings her in conflict with the Empress’s mission to win the war and thrust into the arms of two very interesting Kade mages, so be it. Sara Fairchild has never thought life was fair, not as a child and not as a teenager. As she runs head first into adulthood, it’s time to see if she can make her own luck. Or at the very least, pull the luck out from underneath of her family’s enemies.

Blades of Sorcery (2014) – Synopsis coming soon


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