Quick Update: New Bundle, Sworn To Ascension, & NY Times

Hi All,

I thought this could wait until Wednesday when I was fairly sure I’d be done but I’ll update you now since I’m getting tons of questions.

FIRST! I’m participating in a new book bundle with fourteen other AMAZING epic fantasy authors. EPIC: Fourteen Books of Fantasy has fourteen books and over 1,000,000 words to keep you busy. So I suggest you check it out. It releases on 12/10/2014 and is already complete. 😀

Here’s the blurb:

EPIC TransparentFor a limited time only!

The freshest voices in fantasy bring you fifteen New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors. With fourteen stories and over one million words of captivating fiction, this epic fantasy set will keep you entranced.

Delve into worlds where adventurers discover forgotten lands of wonder and fight ancient evil. Worlds where dragons soar, where heroes and heroines wield sword and magic to answer adventure’s call.

Get one of the largest bundles of page-turning epic fantasy today…before it’s gone!
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | Goodreads | ThunderClaptIt

SECOND! I temporarily delayed the release of Sworn To Ascension: Courtlight #6. I thought I would be done and edited by the 26th but I wasn’t!

MSTA Picy family and I were already scheduled to go away for the Thanksgiving (American) holiday weekend and that’s something I couldn’t cancel. So I made the choice to hold back Ascension and give it the editing love it deserved when I returned (today). I’ve already gotten back Part One of the final edits back from my amazing editor. Now I’m just working on the final 40,000 words. I know that you were expecting the story over the holiday weekend and I’m deeply sorry for disappointing you. But I also want to give you the story you deserve. To the two dozen people who already contacted me, I hope this explains things.

But again, I hope you find it worth the wait. See look -> I’ve got the corrections and everything. It’s coming.

Here’s the blurb to remind you of the awesome and there will be plenty of adventure, magic, Thanar, Sebastian and Ciardis coming! I’ll be releasing this week straight to the retailers and posting on all of my social media forums when I do.

Signed, a deeply sorry Terah.

UPDATE: I’m really sorry that happened with Barnes & Noble. I cancelled the pre-order well before release so you shouldn’t have received a copy, in error or at all. Send me an email at terahedun.ya@gmail.com and I will refund your money and send you the published Sworn To Ascension: Courtlight #6 copy when its ready.

THIRD! I have some amazing/fantastic/awesome news!

As of 11/23/2014, I’m a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. I can’t thank my readers and my awesome author friends enough. 🙂 You bought and shared the last fall set I was in so Three-dimensional inscription Best sellermuch that we sold a bajillion copies. I realized I announced this everywhere including facebook and tumblr but NOT on my website before and now I’m correcting that because I know a lot of you prefer reading it here.

In case you weren’t aware, the New York Times and the USA Today Bestsellers lists are the two most coveted lists an author can get on and reflect total book sales across various retailers nationwide.

With the powers of an amazing group of authors combined, Kiss of Christmas Magic was #11 on the New York Times and #31 on USA Today! But without you it wouldn’t have happened and I’ve begun to update my book covers as swiftly as I can while still staying on schedule.

But I HAVEN’T updated my website. Why is that you ask? Well, that’s because I have a BRAND-NEW website launching in January 2015. As soon as I have some schematics/designs I’ll be sure to share. But I promise you it will be awesome and I’m so giddy about it!

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