Red Madrassa: Algardis #1 Re-Write – Your Opinion Please

So I mentioned awhile ago that once I got close to finishing off one of my high fantasy series, Courtlight or Crown Service, I would re-write and re-release RED MADRASSA: Algardis #1. Courtlight has 3 more books coming out and then it closes off. Since I like to plan ahead, I’m asking for your opinions on Red Madrassa and the original Algardis series.

First: is there anyone here that read it, loved it, and wouldn’t want anything changed? There are a couple hundred people who bought it. Second: if you did read it and want changes, what comes first to mind? I’ll let you refresh your memory and read the blurb linked above. 😉 Go on.

In my opinion, the premise of RED MADRASSA was complex (too complex) and it wasn’t written as well as it should have been. The book had four point of views for one thing which allowed all the readers to get into every character’s head but was the devil to write. But the core concept of the book is something I still love and really want to share with you guys. Essentially its the story of four young mages (around ages 14-15) as they enter into a private mage academy in Algardis. Set after the civil wars which Crown Service features and before the adventures of Ciardis in Courtlight, the book will focus on the mage studies, magical theory, and history of mages in the empire of Algardis.

So I really would like to have an open discussion from fans for what they would like to see with a revamp of my original and first book about Algardis. If you read it, great! If you didn’t read it, fine! Give me your ideas on what the series should focus on. Should it follow one character and his/her friends or have POVs from all of them? Do you want to see a dragon mage as the main lead or a human elemental mage? Do you like the bones of the original story?

The TITLE is the first revamp. What do you think it should be called? I’m leaning to the same formula I have for my other high fantasy series – ‘ X by X’ or ‘X on X’ or something similar.

The SERIES NAME is the second revamp. Courtlight focuses on a young woman’s adventures and journey into high society. Crown Service focuses on a young woman’s battle to do good while serving her empire & all the moral complications that come with that. X is focused on the training and development of young mages into the people they are destined to become. Any suggestions?

The COVER DESIGN will be the third revamp. Should the covers focus on the characters as individuals or be more thematic in design with symbols as the focus? 🙂 What book covers do you absolute love for YA High Fantasy and would like to see as the style for this series revamp?

I’m asking because you all had such wonderful ideas for the name of Courtlight #6 and this book is not just for me, its for you! In either case we have plenty of time to discuss as it’ll be coming in 2015 at the earliest.


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