Blades Of Illusion is coming

Blades Of Illusion is coming…just not today. My email tends to blow up when I miss a release date and I don’t keep you informed. So I’m letting you know, I’m almost done but not quite yet and I don’t want to put out an unfinished product.

I’m hoping to have everything finalized this week, so you’ll have it by September 5th (when it’s absolutely ready). So don’t despair but I won’t be posting anymore updates until its done. And no new releases (aside from DARK ROSES) before Blades Of Illusion 🙂

Also I have so many things going on but here’s a quick run-down, the SWORN TO RAISE:Courtlight #1 audiobook is in the final week of production, the ACCESSION:Sarath Web #1 audiobook has been approved & I’m waiting on Amazon/Audible links, I’m having a mega-sale on 5 Courtlight books for the Labor Day holiday weekend with all of them at $0.99 & Sworn To Raise made it to the Top 10 Kindle free lists with over 30,000 downloads, I’m in an epic boxed set called DARK ROSES with NYT/USAT best-selling authors with a brand-new short story set in the Sarath web world, the Courtlight series books are in print now, and I’m giving away a signed paperback set with swag on Tumblr – so join me over there!

So please bear with me for the delays. I’m gearing up for an epic fall release schedule and I would love for you to stick with them all. Here’s a puppy and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂


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