Help Me Name Book Six in the Courtlight Series

I’m finishing up Book #5 in the Courtlight series for publication next week and I would love to hear from you in regards to a title for Book #6!

Here’s what I know:

– The book will be set in Kifar, the mysterious western city inhabited by a secluded people and surrounded by a disease-plagued land.

– Ciardis, Thanar and Sebastian will be learning to work together…in more ways than one

– Someone might be getting a new title, I won’t or can’t say who

– I was considering naming it ‘Sworn To Ascension’

What do you think the title should be? Just leave a comment. I’ll be accepting suggestions for the next few days.

The only requirements are:

– No profanity

– Must follow series branding – i.e. Sworn To ?

– The third word can’t start with R, T, C, S, or D.

If you LIKE the idea of Sworn To Ascension as the title (and yes it has meaning for Ciardis, she will be ascending…somewhere) then vote for that one. 🙂

I’ll update the post with the selected title and send the nominator or the most hilarious title-suggestor a special bag of goodies.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

P.S. – Wow, I’m getting comments all over – Facebook and Goodreads included. You all are lovely!
So far: Sworn To Ascension has 4 votes and I’ve gotten the awesome suggestions of Sworn To Vengeance, Sworn To Protect, Sworn To Bind, Sworn To Another, and Sworn To Evoke.

So I went with SWORN TO ASCENCION for Courtlight #6 but I love SWORN TO VENGEANCE so much that I’ll be using it as a title for one of the books in 7-9. Stay tuned! 🙂 And lovely reader who suggested it please get in contact.

8 thoughts on “Help Me Name Book Six in the Courtlight Series

  1. Sworn to Ascension fits the theme you described and its an interesting enough title to get new readers interested. Sworn to Conflict got my attention and I ended up buying the whole series last week. It is a great series and I was very Disappointed the 5th book wasn’t out at the time I posted this.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Thank you! I like the points you made. It’s interesting what draws readers in. Sometimes it’s the cover, other times it’s the title like you said. So this is a good opportunity and I’m glad Ascension seems to be making the cut. That’s 3 votes for this one.

      P.S. – Sorry for your wait RE Sworn To Defiance, but not much longer now. 😉

  2. Sworn to Another would cover the Ciardis dilema as well as any other traitorous situations you may introduce. Ascension sounds pretentious. And while your editor(s) are doing fine with content, the spelling and grammar is terrible. Seems you are dictating rather than typing and the final work suffers. But i am enjoying it nevertheless.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the work and thank you for the suggestion. Hmm, Sworn To Another would be interesting as its still vague enough to include both of the suitors for Ciardis’s hand. I’ll try to make a better effort with the editing. In fact, I’m delaying the 2nd Crown Service book to address that issue.

  3. Ascension seems like a good name. When can we expect it to come out? BTW: I do beta reading for no charge. I’m just a grammar geek on a mission! 😉

  4. How about “Sworn to Evolve”? I’ve certainly been amazed and impressed with the evolution of the plot and your characters.


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