Ciardis Weathervane returned to the imperial court of Sandrin to unite her foes. But her efforts hit a stumbling block. The imperial kind. She never thought that before rallying an empire, she’d have to fight the emperor himself.

An imposter sits the throne and the court she turned to for help is in turmoil. Ciardis hasn’t survived assassination attempts, torture and really bad luck to be taken down by her own ruler. So she devises a plan. But first she needs to get Sebastian and Thanar to agree. Each seems to love her in their own way. But neither are listening to her. Pushing them to put aside their differences, in an effort to ward off catastrophe, might be harder than displacing an emperor who would do anything to keep his throne.

Butting heads at court isn’t Ciardis’s only problem. With the princess heir’s threat looming she is forced to travel to the mythical city of Baen, where it is up to her small group to stop the destruction of the entire city while heading a rebellion that could foment a revolution. It wouldn’t be the first revolution that Algardis has ever known. But with Ciardis Weathervane at its head—it would certainly be the last.

This fifth novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Secrecy.

Sworn To Defiance released on April 28th on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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3 thoughts on “SWORN TO DEFIANCE

  1. I am very disappointed that this book has been advertised as being released today April 28th yet it is not available anywhere. False advertisement is not the way to earn followers. I truly like this series but am not happy with the false advertisement regarding this book release!

    1. Hello Laura,

      I’m sorry you’re frustrated with the delay of the release. I’m pressing publish later tonight. The links should be available by morning. I prefer to have a complete product published, than something I need to rush. Thank you for reading the Courtlight series and I hope you enjoy Sworn To Defiance when it becomes available.

  2. Hi I was wondering when the next sworn to… book is coming out?? I read somewhere that it was due in august but haven’t found anything can u help me??


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