Milestone: 10,000 Books Sold! THANK YOU


I never really talk about the mechanics of being an Indie Author or the work behind it but I had to share a milestone that means a lot to me. This week, I hit a major milestone in my career as an Indie author. I’ve sold 10,000 ebooks 😀 On Amazon alone. Since publishing Book One in the Courtlight Series in April 2013, I’ve seen a phenomenal rise in sales and interest in my books and I couldn’t be happier! I didn’t imagine it would be so well received and honestly didn’t think I’d be passing 10,000 books sold before a year was up.

Before I made the decision to self-publish I consciously looked up every article I could find on what it meant to be ‘Indie’. I found that it meant getting my own cover art, hiring my own editors, formatting my own books, uploading my own work to different websites, troubleshooting my own problems – all on top of writing the books themselves. It’s been an uphill journey the whole way. But the important thing is that I took that first step. I jumped into the race even when article after article said that self-published authors sell less than 250 copies in a lifetime. Well, they were wrong. And they’re wrong about so many other Indie authors that are my friends.

It’s great to see success when going it alone. Even better to see success alongside friends and to know you have readers supporting you.

So why are numbers like this important?

Because I think it’s cool to realize we can reach numbers like these without being in the Top 100 on Amazon or writing a super popular genre. Writing what I love and what people enjoy has brought me this.

Because of articles like this which say self-published authors sell less than 10 copies a month / $500 in their lifetime

Because it’s my journey and I’m pretty happy at how it’s turning out. 😉

Because it’s a marathon, not a sprint

What’s the best thing I’ve learned this year?

Be pro-active. There’s no one out there telling me what to do or how to do it. I have to learn. I have to set my goals. And I have to accomplish my own dreams.

So I wanted  to say THANK YOU. Thank you for taking a chance on a new author and a new series and for all the love. It’s been an amazing journey. *smooches*



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