Seeking FOURTH Beta Reader: Permanent Role


Thank you all for the emails! I now have six wonderful readers. I know I said I just wanted a fourth O.O, but I couldn’t resist.

Three cheers for the team:








Hello All,

My next manuscript is not ready yet. So why am I putting this call out so early? Because I’m looking for a permanent beta reader to add to my roster. I have three dedicated readers (Sam, Kai and Jason) and I’m looking to add a fourth. Because this needs to be a good fit I’m leaving this post up for submissions through mid-March.

My Beta Readers are very important to me and I trust them with my work. They give me HONEST critiques of the story, characterization and ways to improve. I’m not looking for a grammar editor. Whoever I choose must be able to make time to complete the task, deliver on deadline, use TRACK CHANGES in MSWord and provide honest feedback.

The Qualifications:

– Beta Readers look for: plot holes, inconsistent character development, bad structure and necessary changes.

– Familiarity with my work. If you’ve read all the books even better. But at the very least an enjoyment of epic fantasy and young adult literature.

– Willingness to give honest feedback. I’m not looking for someone who will spare my feelings. You would be expected to give me your honest opinion about what you didn’t like, what you’d prefer to see changed (if anything), and basically just your overall thoughts. I’m also not looking for unwarranted praise. Only your complete honesty can help me improve the story. I want each book to be the best possible story before release.

– Ability to work on a tight deadline. If I send you the manuscript, I need to know that you can get it back to me with your mark-ups within five days.

That’s it. So if you think you’re willing, ready and able to read a manuscript a month (Blades of Magic in March and Sworn To Defiance in April) then send me an email @ with a note on why you’re interested and your qualifications (i.e Have you beta read before?). Please use the subject line BETA READER.

It’ll take me some time to go through the submissions, so don’t worry if I don’t respond immediately.


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