Seeking BETA READERS for Sworn To Secrecy

01/23 UPDATE  – Here’s the list of Beta Readers! I want to thank everyone who has agreed to help me out and make Sworn To Secrecy even better so early in the new year!

Sam Backus


Archit Goel

Jason L.


Emails sent & can’t wait to hear what you think!


New call out for beta readers for Book Four! If you’re on my permanent list of beta readers (Sam, Kai & Jo), I have you on speed-dial. If you’ve beta read for me before and would like to start up again then read on.

SWORN TO SECRECY is almost done and I would love reader feedback on the plot arc and character development. You can be any age, any experience level – all I ask is that you be enthusiastic about fantasy books. If you haven’t done this before – don’t worry about it. I’m looking for feedback as detailed as you want (i.e. Terah you missed a semicolon in the second line of paragraph four on page 87) or as broad as you want (i.e. I really didn’t like that Steve character – he’s too angry – change him ASAP).

If you’ve read Books One – Three in the Courtlight series, you’ll have a much easier time beta reading for me as well.

Extra special kudos if you can get your comments back to me on my birthday – January 29, 2014!

What would be expected of you as a beta reader?
  • You would be emailed the manuscript/Word doc on Thurs, Jan 23rd, and you’d have approximately nine days to provide feedback (I’d need it back by Sat, Feb. 1st).  Please only enter if you’re available during this timeframe.
  • You would be expected to give me your honest opinion about what you didn’t like, what you’d prefer to see changed (if anything), and basically just your overall thoughts. I’m not looking for unwarranted praise. Only your complete honesty can help me improve the story. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. 🙂
  • Please agree to not share the story with anyone else.
If you are interested in reading Sworn To Secrecy and providing feedback which will help me revise, please answer the following questions in the comment section of this blog post (people reading this on Goodreads will need to visit my actual blog to comment – comments made on Goodreads will not be considered):
1) Your first name
2) Your email address
3) Is this your first time doing a beta read or book critique?
4) Favorite authors (just so I can get a feel for your general likes)
5) Have you read any of my previous books?
I will post my list of beta readers on Thurs, Jan 23rd, so check back then!!!  Thanks so much!!!

4 thoughts on “Seeking BETA READERS for Sworn To Secrecy

  1. Hey Terah, I would love to beta read for you. I have been beta reading for another author in your genre, Amber Jaeger for a little over a year. I read for content and as many grammatical errors I can catch. I wrote professionally (nonfiction magazine articles) for several years. Now I own a photography studio and try to write fiction. I have read all of your court light books already. My favorite authors range wide, from Koonz and King to Collins and EL James. I also enjoy as many indie authors as I can, lately I’ve been reading Purdy, Lewis and this girl named Edun…plus, I’m rather awesome! Lol, 🙂

  2. 1) Your first name: Archit Goel
    2) Your email address:
    3) Is this your first time doing a beta read or book critique? I have beta read for Joushwa Watcher (Admiral Who) series.
    4) Favorite authors (just so I can get a feel for your general likes): Robert Jordan, Peter Grant, David Weber, Mitchell Hogan
    5) Have you read any of my previous books? Yes, I have read all of the 3 books.

  3. I would absolutely love to be a beta reader for sworn to secrecy. I have never done it before but I have read all of the courtlightseries and have always left a review. I may be new to this but I do read a lot. Just to name a few of the authors I read. Scarlett Dawn,Shannon Mayer,Skyla Dawn Cameron, Ann Charles and Janet Evanovich. My email is I also read really fast so I can get my feedback to you pretty quick.


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