Sworn To Conflict Promotional Materials

New bookmarks & swag for the newest Courtlight book coming out! That’s right Sworn To Conflict gets it’s OWN promo materials. As a giant thank you for your support I’m sending out these Sworn To Conflict bookmarks & a postcard with a reveal of the cover for Sworn To Secrecy to readers and bloggers. If you liked the STT bookmarks, you’ll love the STC ones.

STC BookmarksSTC Postcards

How can I get one of these gorgeous bookmarks + postcard for my very own you say?
I’m so glad you asked!
(Open Internationally!)
Here are the details needed to receive one:
1. Send an email to terahedun DOT ya AT gmail DOT com
2. Include your name and mailing address
3. Please let me know if you also want Sworn To Transfer bookmarks. Otherwise I’ll send you just the STC bookmarks + postcard (when it ships to me).
4. That’s it? That’s it!


Bookmarks from Sworn To Transfer ended up all over the world!


Not to be left out I also have plenty of SWAG + PRIZES from Sworn To Transfer and Sworn To Conflict to give away during the Winter Blitz party for Sworn To Conflict!

Including a pre-loaded butterfly USB necklace (trust me, it’s GORGEOUS) with all three Courtlight books on it, posters, bookmarks, magnets, postcards and a gift card to any store you choose!

Enter to win starting November 25th:

Tour Image
Thanks to everyone’s support of the COURTLIGHT series and I cannot wait for you to get your hands on BOOK THREE on December 6th!

In the meantime check out the giveaway of books, swag and the new TEASERS on my Facebook page:

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