Courtlight #3 Cover Reveal – Sworn To Conflict

I want to thank all of you for the enthusiasm you’ve shown for the Courtlight series! I could never have imagined it being so well received and I hope you love Book Three as much as One and Two.

TITLE: Sworn To Conflict
SERIES: Book 3 of the Courtlight Series
AUTHOR: Terah Edun
GENRE: Young Adult Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2013

Sworn To Conflict Cover

What do you think???

It’s my favorite since I got a lovely email from my cover artist with SWORN TO TRANSFER attached! When I saw that blue dress and the model I KNEW she was perfect for the character she is supposed to portray. I can’t tell you who it is until Book Three is out, but like all of my characters each woman on the cover is a Companion (current or former) and a central character in Ciardis Weathervane’s life. Sworn To Raise of course was Ciardis herself. Sworn To Transfer was Stephanie (the copy/transfer Companion).

And you know what that means? *omnibus time is almost here!*

Courtlight Small Boxed Set

It’ll be a couple of weeks (projecting Dec. 6th) before the third novel is ready to publish, but if you’d like to win a free copy, all you have to do is leave a comment below and say you’re interested. Make sure to use an email address you check on occasion. I’ll select a few people at random and send mobi and epub files a couple of days before I upload the ebook to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes etc

Thank you to the dozens of bloggers who have joined me in revealing this cover today!

Be sure enter into the cover reveal rafflecopter for an ebook copy of the three books here:

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