Bookmarks All Around The World

One of the little pleasures of my week is to ship my bookmarks all around the world. Remember when I posted I had goodies for you all?

Well, the response has been spectacular and I’ve sent bookmarks as far away as Singapore, across the U.S. to California and across the pond to the U.K. As long as you keep sending me your mailing addresses (details here), I’ll keep sending the bookmarks out.

Now that winter is here, I’m sending out bookmarks for Sworn To Transfer, Sworn To Conflict and Courtlight Series postcards! Pins + bookmarks for Sworn To Secrecy to come.

*Waves hi to all the readers with the bookmarks! I hope you’re enjoying them. :)*

Singapore (2)

Los Angeles, CA

Jamestown, OH

Long Beach, CA

Pensacola, FL

Columbia, MO

Taylorsville, GA



Newport, NH

Moorpark, CA

Taiwan (2)



Canada (3)

Maplesville, AL


United Kingdom

Covington, LA

Philippines (3)


San Diego, CA


South Africa

Taylorsville, GA

Springfield, MO

Victorville, CA

Springdale, AZ

Sacramento, CA

Bellefonte, PA

Sparta, TN

Schenectady, NY

Youngsville, LA

Kissimmee, FL

Gaston, SC

Sioux Falls, SD

Minersville, PA

Phelan, CA


Litchfield, ME

Surfside Beach, CA

Australia (3)

Jay, Oklahoma

Greece (2)

Florissant, MO

Ocala, FL

Nicholasville, Kentucky

Demotte, Indiana

Meridian, Idaho

Memphis, TN

The Colony, TX

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