Works In Progress: Moving Ahead

Workstation - T Edun         

Sworn To Conflict: Courtlight Book #3

This book is being prepped for a December 6, 2013 debut. I’ll be sending out requests for beta readers soon. Cover reveal in just nine days! Revealed first on my newsletter (10/14) and second on my blog (10/16). In the meantime do me a favor and leave reviews for Book #2 on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble? It would really help – especially if I can see what you’re most looking forward to as I continue writing this series. 

Amazon US:

Barnes & Noble:

Sekret Project Book #1

This book is looking really promising for a February 2014 debut. I’m pretty sure you can bet on it. I’ll be doing a cover vote contest so you can help me choose the best look! And here’s a hint about this project: it’s set in the back alleys of Sandrin. 🙂

Other Happenings:

– The 21 winners of the huge September Blitz Giveaway have been announced here:

– The first newsletter subscriber only giveaway winner of a SWAG pack + copies of books was announced here:

– New contest: Add SWORN TO CONFLICT (Courtlight Book #3) to your Goodreads to-reads & get a new bookmark design:


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