SWORN TO TRANSFER Early Review + A Deleted Scene

TEN DAYS until the release on September 20th!

Sworn To Transfer - Transparent

“Once again, author Terah Edun brings a imaginative world and characters to life. Her writing is descriptive and crisp. World-building and character development skills has tremendously improved comparing to the first book.” (from Books With Tien)

Many readers are going to be uncertain about the surprise addition to the family as well as motivations, but more of that will be coming in SWORN TO CONFLICT (late November), as more of the history behind the Weathervane family is revealed…

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Don’t forget SWORN TO RAISE is $0.99c all September in anticipation of the release! Tell your friends 🙂
*This passage was in the opening chapters and focuses on the struggle of Ciardis with the demands of her duties as a Companion trainee in the courts. I decided it was superfluous and tossed it.

In fact, being a Companion trainee was harder than it looked, and Serena would not let up on pestering her about the opportunities for a properly placed Companion to convince her Patron of the need for a new special incentive tax to benefit the Companions’ Guild.

Baring her teeth in the rain and as she clutched her cloak around her Ciardis shook her head at such foolishness. The very last thing Prince Sebastian wanted to hear from her was a plea for a people’s tax on behalf of the Companions’ Guild. Of that she was quite sure. Besides it was a stupid idea. Who would they tax? The poor people in Bedlam’s Bottom? The ship captains who docked at the port with stores of grain and oil? Or how about the fur merchants traveling from the far North? No, Serena needed to find another way of getting extra funds for whatever project the Companions’ Council had come up with. Or host a ball…now that was an idea.

A ball with the express purpose of raising money from attendees. The nobles and wealthy socialites were always looking for the next fabulous event to attend the capital and they thought of nothing of spending fifteen thousand shillings on their latest extravagant gown with beading and feathers and jewels and who knows what. She’d seen a dress last month which had been festooned with the long black feathers of rare island sand birds. They were illegal to hunt and extremely hard to capture. The duchess who’d worn the feathers could have paid for all of the poor of Bedlam’s Bottom to receive beef soup and bread for a month with such a costly gown.


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