Seeking BETA READERS for Sworn To Transfer

UPDATE  – Here’s the list of Beta Readers! I want to thank everyone who has agreed to help me out and make Sworn To Transfer the best book yet!

Alexandrea Ward

Audrey P.

Carissa Bookworm

Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

Jaclyn Nicole

Kai W.*

Sam Backus


Yvonne E.


If there is a star next to your name I DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! Please send me an email – subject ‘BETA READER’ with your contact email so I can send you the manuscript as promised. 🙂


Let’s do this. The draft for SWORN TO TRANSFER is almost done and I’d really like some reader feedback. I’m hoping to get a well-rounded group of beta readers composed of teens as well as adults. If you haven’t done this before – don’t worry about it. I’m looking for feedback as detailed as you want (i.e. Terah you missed a semicolon in the second line of paragraph four on page 87) or as broad as you want (i.e. I really didn’t like that Steve character – he’s too angry – change him ASAP).

What would be expected of you as a beta reader?
  • You would be emailed the manuscript/Word doc by July 30th, and you’d have approximately fifteen days to provide feedback (I’d need it back by August 15th).  Please only enter if you’re available during this timeframe.
  • You would be expected to give me your honest opinion about what you didn’t like, what you’d prefer to see changed (if anything), and basically just your overall thoughts. I’m not looking for unwarranted praise. Only your complete honesty can help me improve the story. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. 🙂
  • Please agree to not share the story with anyone else.

In addition to my undying gratitude you’ll receive one of these bookmarks in the mail –

Sworn To Transfer Bookmarks

If you are interested in reading Sworn To Transfer and providing feedback which will help me revise, please answer the following questions in the comment section of this blog post (people reading this on Goodreads will need to visit my actual blog to comment – comments made on Goodreads will not be considered):
1) Your first name
2) Are you a teen or an adult (18+)?
3) Is this your first time doing a beta read or book critique?
4) Favorite authors (just so I can get a feel for your general likes)
I will post my list of beta readers on Monday July 22nd, so check back then!!!  Thanks so much!!!

11 thoughts on “Seeking BETA READERS for Sworn To Transfer

  1. Alexandrea
    Adult, 26 years old
    I’ve been a beta reader, once.
    Fave authors: L.A. Banks, Charlaine Harris, Maya Angelou, C.J. Ellisson, Lara Adrian, Eric Jerome Dickey, Alexia Purdy

    1. Hi Alexandrea! Thanks for replying!

      I’ve read L.A. Banks and Charlaine Harris and I loved both of those authors but for very different reasons. I’ve love to have you as a beta reader but fair warning my books are young adult epic fantasy. (Think Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia)

      They are quite different from Ms. Harris and Banks urban contemporary style which is much more suited for adult paranormal romance readers.

      Are you still interested?

      P.S. – Have you read L.A. Banks’ novel – Shadow Walker?

      1. I read it as soon as it came out but was so sad when she passed. Her talent and gift for writing died with her and I can only imagine what she would’ve produced now if she were still alive. No problem, I understand that it’s YA but I’d love to help with anything I might find while reading.

      2. Fantastic then! You’re in – welcome aboard. And yes – L.A. was such a talented writer. I would give anything for a sequel to S.W. but I hope someday to write an urban contemporary fantasy along similar lines. Anyway – could you please send me your email address at terahedun DOT ya AT Looking forward to your critiques!

  2. 1) Kai
    2) I’m an adult.
    3) Is this your first time doing a beta read or book critique? It would be my first time doing a beta read. I do however write book reviews.
    4) Favorite authors: Nora Roberts, Tessa Dare, Christina Dodd, Gena Showalters, Kristin Higgins, Susan Mallery, Lynn Viel, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Caris Roane, Shiloh Walker… just to name a few.

    1. Hi Kai! Thanks so much for filling out the Beta Reader request. I’m glad you write reviews – it would give me the critical perspective of someone who frequently reads and writes critiques of dozens of well-crafted novels.

      But just as I asked Alexandra – would you be interested in reading a YA Epic Fantasy novel? I’ve of course read a lot of romance from Kenyon, Roberts and Showalters but readers of my books looking for strong romance will be greatly disappointed. Let me know if you’re still want in. 🙂

  3. ) Your first name

    2) Are you a teen or an adult (18+)?
    Adult 21

    3) Is this your first time doing a beta read or book critique?
    1st for beta read. Ive been in a creative workshop class and have critiqued other students work.

    4) Favorite authors (just so I can get a feel for your general likes)
    J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, Eoin Colfer, Micheal Scott to name a few.

  4. 1. Sam 2. Adult 3. This is my first time doing a beta read/book critique. 4. Some of my favorite writers: Suzanne Collins, Laini Taylor, Stephenie Meyers, JK Rowling, Orson Scott Card, Lisa Bergren, James Dashner, Homer Hickham, Veronica Roth, Veronica Rossi, and SJ Kincaid.

    I will give you detailed feedback, including punctuation, maybe grammar, etc. I will also tell you how I feel about the book.

    Thanks, I really liked Sworn to Raise, and look forward to this book too!

    -Sam Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:06:46 +0000 To:


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