FREE! Red Madrassa, Book 1 (Algardis): Dec 15-17


Download RED MADRASSA Book 1 of the Algardis series for FREE – 3 days only.  I’m closing out 2013 with a bang, including the giveaway of a $60 Amazon Gift Card on 12/31 and the Cover Reveal for Sworn to Raise on 12/28!

Get ready for 2013 because I’ll be releasing a ton more YA Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy and New Adult Contemporary!

Red Madrassa - 600x900


I plan to update this post during the day when I can (keeping in mind the frequent lack of internet & power where I am). Feel free to duck in and out during the day and see how things are going.

This is my first KDP freebie run and I’m excited to see how it goes. Note: I did notify several sites about my free day,  but I did not tweet about the free days. I find the over tweeting slightly obnoxious and with the time difference/power cuts I wouldn’t have been able to reach my target twitter audience anyway.

THANK YOU to all the websites who posted about my free book: Kindle Nation, Snickslist, IndieReader, Free eBooks for Nook & Kindle,  Free Fantasy Book, Free Book Dude

 Update #1 (5:30am EST): 6 downloads – Not everybody is up on a Saturday morning before 6am okay? So breathe. At least that’s what I tell myself.

 Update #2 (11:00am EST): 70 downloads – We’re picking up steam!

 Update #3 (3:00pm EST): 249 downloads (Also got a nice bump for my free short story) –  1 last update  for the 12/15 day before I go to sleep!

 Update #4 (4:30pm EST): 280 downloads Must go to sleep now but I LOVE my new rankings. Please, please keep downloading and tell your friends! See    you in the morning.

RM Hits top 1K FREE

 Update #5 (1:41am EST): 714 downloads!! I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to have gotten over 700 downloads on my first day – for my first promo!!!      Thanks so much for downloading! Red Madrassa is now in the Top 300 FREE out of all Amazon!

 Update #6 (11:00am EST): 800 downloads Red Madrassa is now #1 in Collections & Readers AND #1 Bestseller in Teen Literature & Fiction eBooks. Happily I have TWO books in the Top 20 for Teens now – Flight Feathers is #16!

 Update #7 (3:00pm EST): 1,000 downloads!!! Which means 1,000 more people have my book in their hands.

Update #8 LAST DAY I’ll give you the total when it’s done but I’m pretty excited at how it will turn out. (Amazon promos end on PST – so I’ll update at 4am EST)

2, 325 copies of Red Madrassa were downloaded in the U.S.!!!! 

I also gave away an additional 79 copies internationally and 114 copies of Flight Feathers!

Because you Red Madrassa made it to #1 Teen and Fiction Bestseller, #1 African American Bestseller, #1 American Literature


#194 FREE Bestselling Book on Amazon

7 thoughts on “FREE! Red Madrassa, Book 1 (Algardis): Dec 15-17

  1. Sad I missed the free opportunity. However I just found you on kickstarter and pledged for the $30 goal. I am excited about a new YA author and I look forward to reading your books ^_^


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