Book Publishing Schedule

Ambitious I know…but possible! I’ll make my best effort to make these dates & update as I go along.

October 2013 Update: People are still referencing this post. You can think of it as a guideline for future series now with the Courtlight series taking precedence. 🙂

Book By Series:

Algardis Series

Red Madrassa (November 2012) Book 1 (No longer for sale)

Casbah Guardian (June 2013) Book 2

Green Noor (November 2013) Book 3

Courtlight Series

Sworn to Raise (April 2013) Book 1

Sworn to Transfer (September 2013) Book 2

Sworn To Conflict (December 2013) Book 3

Sworn To Secrecy (February 2014) Book 4

Sworn To Defiance (April 2014) Book 5

The Crown Service Series

Blades Of Magic (March 2014) Book 1

The Sarath Web Series

Accession (Unknown)  Book 1 (Drafted but not published yet)

Induction (January 2014) Book 2

Coronation (May 2014) Book 3

The Sparrow God’s Girl Series

The Sparrow God’s Girl (March 2014) Book 1

The Sparrow God’s Reins (July 2014) Book 2

Short Stories

Flight Feathers (SHORT STORY November 2012) <- No longer for sale. *sorry* You can sign-up for my mailing list to receive free short stories now:


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