Christmas Break Ambitions

My Ambitions for my Two-Week Vacation to the U.S.
1) Watch Scandal (Season 2)
2) Make Christmas cupcakes with my sister
3) Watch Grimm (Season 2)
4) Write Sworn to Raise (which means reading a lot of Fantasy/Romance)
5) Just to mix it up… download all thirteen seasons of CSI Las Vegas (don’t judge)
6) Start a plot arc with my best friend
7) Go shopping
8) Watch The Hobbit
9) Write a short story
10) Bask under climate control
11) Pack, Pack Some More, Pack Again
12) Enjoy the HoneyBaked Ham delivered for X-Mas
13) Add 200 Songs to my iPhone (Seriously…I have a list)
I hope your Christmas is filled with family, fun, and possibly political vampires.
p.s. don’t forget to enter to win a $60 Amazon Gift Card!


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