Songs for Writing

Does anyone else listen to music while they’re writing? What are your go-to songs? I want to add to my collection when I’m back in the states.

I listen to Evanescence’s Everybody’s Fool and Florence & the Machine’s Seven Devils for angst and drama-filled plotting.

I listen to MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine and Healing from Sami Yusuf for a motivation and wonder.

I listen to the Chronicles of Narnia and Legends of the Seeker soundtrack for fantasy and magic.

There’s more but this is my go-to collection.

2 thoughts on “Songs for Writing

  1. You’ve got an awesome playlist for writing, Terah!
    I listen to various songs from movie soundtracks including Twilight, Harry Potter, The Time Machine, Edward Scissorhands, the Chronicles of Narnia.
    When writing my latest novel, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, I listened to Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die album.
    Another song which always gets me wanting to write is Aiden’s Cry Little Sisters from The Lost Boys movie… LOVE that song!!

  2. Hi Suzy! Those all sound great! Can’t wait to check out Cry Little Sisters, Born to Die and Time Machine. I’ve been told my current series is very Harry Potteresque so perhaps I need to do some, ahem, light reading (lol) and watch the movies again.


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