YA Author Club: Worth A Vote (& A Review!)

Today the YA Author Club is focusing on the importance of voting when it comes to great books and talented authors… and possibly liberties.

I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t mention that I published my debut novel, Red Madrassa, today as well!!! *cues fireworks* On sale for only 0.99c it’s worth a VOTE and a REVIEW. 😉

**steps down from soapbox**

Now on to the regularly reported schedule. Goodreads is hosting the 2012 Best Books Awards! An annual event, the book reader’s People’s Choice Award if you will, the contest is open to votes from all Goodreads members. So far they’ve received 604,000 votes. With a membership base of close to 10,000,000 they can and should have so many more votes in hand.

Time to do your part, take a look at 20 categories, and vote for your favorite novels from 2012!

How did Goodreads come with the contestants? I’m not sure – it could have been sales, it could have been number of reviews each book had on Amazon. After all, Fifty Shades of Grey is in the Romance section, and it is the most popular book to hit the shelves in all of 2012.

Also, Hugh Howey – famous author of Wool, is nominated in SEVERAL categories as are several other categories.

So get to VOTING and pick up a copy of RED MADRASSA on Amazon for a nice weekend read.

You never know – maybe I’ll be in the 2013 Best Book Awards of Goodreads. 😉

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