Goodreads Can Make Your Career…Or Break It

Goodreads has become a book discovery mega-house. With over 11 million registered members it’s the place to find new books and discuss your next read.

The large reader base has attracted agents, authors and publishers in droves. With them came REVIEWERS. Those angelic, cherubic-faced individuals who run blogs and write book reviews for appreciative authors.

Forbes Magazine has even done an expose on the Top Goodreads Reviewers.

Authors who are smart appreciate the reviews given them and don’t diss anything said about their book. There’s something to be said for the mantra ‘Silence is Golden‘.

In the case of a bad review, silence from the author is triple platinum.

Reviewers who have been attacked (i.e. questioned in any way, shape or form about the veracity of their review) by Goodreads authors have been known to bite back.

See the examples below for why I will never respond to a bad review – publicly or privately. In fact, I’ll take it as constructive criticism.

Young Adult Authors Behave Like Their Target Age Group

Millenial Authors Cutting Their Teeth On A Global Stage

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Oh and did I mention the The Selection kerfuffle made it into Publishers Weekly?


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