YA Author Club: 2012’s Personal/Professional Greatest Accomplishments

This is a post for the amazing YA Author Club which is talking about our greatest personal and professional accomplishments in 2012 this week.

Back in May 2012 I wrote a post dedicated to my plans for the year 2012. #1 on my list was to find a job overseas in international development. #2 on my list was to finish my first novel. Every time I look back at that post, I smile and a tear comes to my eye. I’ve accomplished both goals and done so in a way beyond my wildest dreams.

2012’s Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Publishing my first novel – Red Madrassa. As a bonus I also published a short story – Flight Feathers!

2012’s Greatest Professional Accomplishment

Moving to my dream job location of Juba, South Sudan and working for an international NGO.

I still consider being an author a deeply personal commitment. If forges a bond between myself and my readers. By the same token, I’m forging ahead professionally in my international development career and not looking back. 🙂 The best of both worlds.

In a serendipitous coincidence, I’m also up for the November 2012 Indie eBook Cover of the Month! So exciting and it shows the great work my cover artist, Amalia Chitulescu, has done.

What about you? What was your greatest accomplishment of 2012?

Indie-Giving Blogfest

Today marks my Ten Day Anniversary as a Kindle Author. It feels like forever since I pushed that fateful publish button on Amazon. A. WHOLE. TEN. DAYS. Yes, I’m joking but I really have learned so much since then and continue to learn even more now.

I have one novel and one short story (live on Amazon/Kobo TODAY). I’m so thankful to the readers who’ve taken a chance on my book and to the many more readers to come. I’m also grateful to the amazing network of authors who have given me tips, explained a myriad of rules and helped navigate the way forward.

As a THANK YOU to all of you generous people in my life I’m giving free copies of Red Madrassa (Book 1 of the Algardis series) and Flight Feathers (a short story set in the world of Algardis and Courtlight) to anyone who ‘likes’ my Facebook page through November 30th! To claim your copy send me a Facebook message or post on my Facebook wall with your email address and which file type (MOBI, EPUB or PDF) you would like!

Hugs for a joyous Thanksgiving and Holiday season!

Click on the button to see a full list of authors participating!

Flight Feathers: New Short Story & Giveaway!

I’ve uploaded Flight Feathers (a short story in the world of Algardis and Courtlight) to Amazon and Kobo! It should be available quite soon! So look out for it on the shelves. At 99c it’s a steal.

And I’m working on getting Red Madrassa (Book 1 in the Algardis series) introduced to the world. So that means more giveaways! I’m giving away 100 copies of the Red Madrassa ebook on LibraryThing and two copies of Red Madrassa away on Goodreads. 1/4th of the LibraryThing copies have already been spoken for!

The LibraryThing contest ends on November 24th and the Goodreads giveaway ends on December 10th. The Goodreads giveaway is featured in the sidebar on this blog, but you can also enter here. (You will need to have a Goodreads account and be signed in to enter.)

Enter the LibraryThing giveaway here. Unfortunately, LibraryThing doesn’t give you a way to go directly to a single book’s giveaway, so you’ll have to scroll down to find the book OR click Ctrl+F and search the title. As on Goodreads, you’ll need to have a LibraryThing account and be signed in to enter.

If you’d like a GUARANTEED free eb00k copy, you can just head over to my Facebook fan page and “like” it. Let me know you did, by email or comment and I’ll send you the ebook file (MOBI, EPUB or PDF) of your choice.

And as a special incentive I’m giving a$5 gift card to the first 5 people who review Red Madrassa on Amazon! Send me the link.

Want a copy of the book or posted that review? Send an email terahedun AT ya AT gmail DOT com

YA Author Club: Worth A Vote (& A Review!)

Today the YA Author Club is focusing on the importance of voting when it comes to great books and talented authors… and possibly liberties.

I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t mention that I published my debut novel, Red Madrassa, today as well!!! *cues fireworks* On sale for only 0.99c it’s worth a VOTE and a REVIEW. 😉

**steps down from soapbox**

Now on to the regularly reported schedule. Goodreads is hosting the 2012 Best Books Awards! An annual event, the book reader’s People’s Choice Award if you will, the contest is open to votes from all Goodreads members. So far they’ve received 604,000 votes. With a membership base of close to 10,000,000 they can and should have so many more votes in hand.

Time to do your part, take a look at 20 categories, and vote for your favorite novels from 2012!

How did Goodreads come with the contestants? I’m not sure – it could have been sales, it could have been number of reviews each book had on Amazon. After all, Fifty Shades of Grey is in the Romance section, and it is the most popular book to hit the shelves in all of 2012.

Also, Hugh Howey – famous author of Wool, is nominated in SEVERAL categories as are several other categories.

So get to VOTING and pick up a copy of RED MADRASSA on Amazon for a nice weekend read.

You never know – maybe I’ll be in the 2013 Best Book Awards of Goodreads. 😉

YA Author Club: Current Works In Progress

The YA Author Club members are sharing their Current Works in Progress this week. I can’t wait to read what everyone’s been up to!

As for me I’m working on the March 2013 release of my ‘Untitled’ project which focuses on The Companion’s Guild. I think I’ve decided, but I’m not sure, to make this a full-length novel and the first novel of a second series which will complement my Algardis series. It’s set in the same world and I can’t stop thinking there’s more to this story than just a short novella.

I’ve even found a GREAT but expensive cover artist that I could use for this series. Of course, I’m keeping Amalia for my Algardis series.

Here’s a short blurb:

Ciardis Vane grew up in the snowy vale of Vaneis. When she’s chosen to train as a court Companion everything’s she ever known is gone. She must fight and win the right to choose a Patron while learning the magical skills inherited from her ancestry.

The long and short of it is that the novella was intended to appease my fans between the publication of the Algardis series books in Nov. 2012 and May 2013 but I’ve written 20,000 words in just about three weeks. By the time March rolls around I could easily have a full-novel of 60,000 words ready for publication.

The downside? The cost of publishing one of my novels. I have to factor in the costs of my editor, my cover artist, my ebook formatter and a marketing campaign. If this was a novella the price of production would be half the cost and I wouldn’t do a full marketing campaign.

Any thoughts?

Goodreads Can Make Your Career…Or Break It

Goodreads has become a book discovery mega-house. With over 11 million registered members it’s the place to find new books and discuss your next read.

The large reader base has attracted agents, authors and publishers in droves. With them came REVIEWERS. Those angelic, cherubic-faced individuals who run blogs and write book reviews for appreciative authors.

Forbes Magazine has even done an expose on the Top Goodreads Reviewers.

Authors who are smart appreciate the reviews given them and don’t diss anything said about their book. There’s something to be said for the mantra ‘Silence is Golden‘.

In the case of a bad review, silence from the author is triple platinum.

Reviewers who have been attacked (i.e. questioned in any way, shape or form about the veracity of their review) by Goodreads authors have been known to bite back.

See the examples below for why I will never respond to a bad review – publicly or privately. In fact, I’ll take it as constructive criticism.

Young Adult Authors Behave Like Their Target Age Group

Millenial Authors Cutting Their Teeth On A Global Stage

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Oh and did I mention the The Selection kerfuffle made it into Publishers Weekly?