Into The Summer – My Goals For 2012

Summer Is Almost Upon Us: Where Do I Stand?

My goals for 2012 are (and I’ll go back edit this with a strike-through as accomplished):

*Finish the first draft of my WIP – Red Madrassa. It currently stands at 36% done – 20,000 odd words. There’s so much more to add and I enjoy every second that I get to spend with the characters. But tendrils of the second book are already bouncing around in my head so I need to get this first book completed.

*Join DIY MFA’s Sub2Pub challenge. It’s basically the literary fiction version of the dreaded academic ‘publish or perish’! I commit to sending queries out throughout 2012 until I receive an offer or reach December 31, 2012. I see this as great motivation to finish and polish my WIP Red Madrassa.

*Find a young adult Crit group or partner. I have one super beta reader but I’m always looking for more! Send me a line at terahedun.ya (at) gmail or comment on this post if you have any suggestions for partners or crit groups to join. I’d love to exchange critiques with someone who also writes young adult fantasy fiction.

A) I’ve found an awesome crit partner through AbsoluteWrite & MyWritersCircle which both have very helpful forum posts for critiques.

B) In an effort to give back and be helpful in another person’s quest to publish I’ve joined The BETA Community at YA Stands. I’m open to High/Epic Young Adult Fantasy submissions.

*Find a job in sub-Saharan Africa. My day job revolves around international development. I’m ready to get field work experience overseas. Plus the research aspect of it will help with my landscape and language.

My dream field location: Juba, South Sudan.

I’ve set this picture as my desktop background. Every day I will look at it and every day I will work towards my goal of getting a development job in Juba, South Sudan. While writing my heart out. 😉

A) Interviewed with International Development firm A in second week of May for a position in Juba!
I. Completed second interview with International Development firm A in third week of May.

II. Received the job offer!!!

B) Received an interview request for International Development firm B in third week of May for a position in Kabul, Afghanistan. Position is unpaid and cost prohibitive. Decided not to pursue.

3 thoughts on “Into The Summer – My Goals For 2012

  1. Love the Sub2Pub challenge idea–never heard of it before! I kind of do that already, but this will renew my committment to keep submitting those stories until a specific due date, rather than giving up halfway through the year!

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Yes, I just found out about Sub2Pub as well. Having a set deadline will be the extra push that I need to avoid the dreaded New Years resolution fall-off three or four months in (in this case not sending out queries). What kind of stories (short, novel etc?) and which genre do you write in?


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