Images & A Youtube Clip That Inspire My Landscape

Thanks to Elizabeth Briggs, who gave me this awesome idea of creating a blog post on what images I envision when working on Red Madrassa. Elizabeth was just signed by Kate Testerman of KT Literary Agency so congrats are also in order!

I’m currently working on my first full-length novel. Aiming for roughly 55,000 words and I’m about half-way to that mark. So every day is generally me sitting down, writing and reading back through for in-line edits, missing words, grammatical errors etc.

The book revolves around 5 youths who are fast becoming five friends. They are an amazing group of diverse young people from all walks of life in a high fantasy world complete with dragons and portals. One of the youths happens to be a street-rat dragon.

Without further ado here are some images or video clips that inspire my landscape:

Setting the scene:

Will work on a post of characters next if you’d like to see.


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