Great Quote From Nora Roberts

“You can’t write well what you don’t read for pleasure. If it doesn’t entertain you it’s not going to entertain anyone else.” Nora Roberts

This quote really resonated with me. I currently work in a field where publishing serious non-fiction literature is an everyday occurrence. My friends often say I just read this book on the response of the Thai government to protests or this book on the reform of the socialist protectorate system in Greece.

And I’m like…well that’s all well and good but when do you find the time to do this? And they say You know…on the weekends and at 9pm after I’ve cooked a great meal.

It occurred to me then to question what I read in my leisure time. What makes me happiest? Fantasy fiction. Because it’s not work but a relaxing romp into a new adventure. Just like how reading about the ECOWAS efforts in Mali is not work for them but rather a interesting endeavor (with a healthy heaping of career advancement.) So the Nora Roberts’ quote brings life full circle.


In other news it feels like writing has become easier as I explore the craft more. Although nuance is a quality that I’m still working on. 40 pages down – 5 more by the end of the day.

4 thoughts on “Great Quote From Nora Roberts

  1. It’s true. It is also very difficult to write about things which you have only a very shallow understanding of. I can write a cracker of a fantasy fiction story but 1920s American scripts equal to swimming the Irish Sea. I’m not saying only write what you know, but it is very true that you need to write what you love. That always brings about the best work, even if it’s just a love of moaning about the weather.

  2. I completely agree Carol. And it’s not just about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. It’s about the effort that goes into the research and development of a plot line, characters and history.

    Being able to enjoy doing background research (i.e. reading and re-reading my favorite books) on my writing topic makes life so much easier. I STILL feel giddy every time I think “Oh, I’m writing a book” and it’s something that I enjoy doing. I get a great feeling accomplishment and also a sense of purpose and happiness.


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