How many pages are in a Young Adult Novel?

I’ve been told that most young adult books should be less than 200 pages. Presumably to keep the attention span of teens which the books will attract.

My favorite author, Tamora Pierce, says:

“The limit on most novels for teenagers–up until recently, at least–is 200 manuscript pages (about 250 pages in final book form). (For Intermediate/Young Reader books it’s been 150 pages.)”

But should I limit my writing to that amount? The worst that could happen would be the publisher deciding to split the book in halve so that I have two books instead of one book or that they want to better focus my work so they have plenty of material to help pare it down into a better book.

Season 2 of The Games of Thrones appears tonight on HBO!

Not that I have HBO or you know a TV to watch it with. *cough* going through a no TV faze *end cough* But will catch it tomorrow.

When I read the Song of Fire and Ice series I always imagined Daenerys Targaryen as a younger version of Halle Berry as ‘Storm’ in X-Men. Alas the actress who portrays Daenerys is not Halle Berry, in fact her name is Emilia Clarke. Although in this picture she kind of looks like she has some melanin in her skin.


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